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“A good rotisserie elevates the stature of man literally above the legless beasts that crawl about on the ground. I find with or without safety glasses I’ve always got rust in my eyes, it’s always dark, things are just out of reach when I crawl under a vehicle……..a rotisserie is second only to the opposable thumb in mankind’s dominance within the animal kingdom.” 

~Bill Beauregard

If you’re looking for the right way to do a restoration, the Resto Revolver rotisserie is a must have item.


We understand the obstacles you may encounter when setting up your vehicle and this has helped us design a rotisserie tailored to your individual needs. The quicker you can get your vehicle set up, the quicker you can get started on your restoration.

  • Available in either 3000lbs or 4000lbs capacity 

  • Engineering Certificate of Compliance service is available for your unquie project. 

  • Adjusts to fit virtually any vehicle body or vehicle frame width or length.

  • Spin your project 360 degrees with ease. 

  • Professionally Canadian made in Edmonton, AB by a Journeyman "Red Seal” welder with domestically made materials to OHS standards.

  • Our unique bi-directional 100% internal balance bolt system will pick your project up from about 15” off the ground to where your vehicle needs to be balanced.

  • Balancing can be achieved in any position.

  • Our 100% internal balancing system protects the balance bolt threads and allows for infinite adjustment to find the perfect balance.

  • Track followers greatly improve the raising/lowering of your vehicle when using the hydraulic jacks.

  • We supply quality a “Total Locking” Canadian made casters on each corner that locks both the wheel and swivel in one click!  Available in either the standard 4x2 phenolic or the optional 8x2 solid rubber all terrain style caster.

  • The CSA HSS tubing we use is 3/16” thick, which is double the thickness of most of our "competitors".  This steel is also manufactured in either the USA or Canada.   

  • (2) Hydraulic lifting rams at each end to adjust to a variety of working heights. Available in either hand pump or air over hydraulic. 

  • Grease fittings on pivot assemblies for easy one handed spinning.

  • Dual 3/4” jam bolts on the pivot assembly hold your project in place while you work it.

  • Grade 8 jam bolts and heavy hex 2H nuts to take up the remaining play between the tubes. 

  • The standard telescopic center connecting tubes accepts vehicles from 2’ up to 16’ in overall length in between the red rotisserie “ T's". Longer lengths available.

  • Each rotisserie end will add approximately 15” per end or 30” overall to your vehicle length. 

  • Painted black and red finish.

  • User manual included.

© 2021 Resto Revolver LTD

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